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  • Decks, Fences, Cedar homes, Gazebos, sheds, basically, all wooden items
  • Vinyl Siding, Brick surfaces, Contrete surfaces, Driveways, Walkways
  • Swimming Pools, patio
  • Gutter Cleaning

Key Benefits

  • Improve aesthetics for your everyday enjoyment
  • Add to the value of your home with good maintenance
  • Protect your investment
  • Why rebuild when you can save by simply powerwashing and treating?


  • Our power washer uses regular tap water, which is then pressurized hundreds of times to create a water based super-cleaner!


  • You have a choice of which brand of sealer you would like us to use on your deck, but we recommend using stains and sealants from either TWP or Flood. "Clear" coatings are the most commonly used, however, tints are also available.

Minor repairs

  • We also perform minor repairs such as hammering in loose nails or securing loose boards with screws.

Cleaning your deck to remove the graying, dirt, mold and mildew is an important part of protecting your investment. Wood needs 24 hours to dry after washing or being wet before applying sealant, and can be sealed the day after that, provided that the day after the sealant is applied there is another dry day.

When pressure treated lumber was first introduced, we were told it was "maintenance free". Over the years we have found that decks can become unattractive without periodic cleaning and sealing. Whether it's the bleaching effect of the sun's ultraviolet rays, or the unsightliness of algae growth in full shade, our high-pressure power washer will clean your deck surface.

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Whether your deck is old or brand new, it needs protection from water and weather. Trouble can start the day you finish building a deck. What many home owners don't know, is that the treatment given to about 80% of the pressure treated wood used to build decks, is to help prevent against rot and termites. Pressure treating wood offers no protection from the weathering process. In fact, pressure treating wood makes the wood more porous and susceptible to moisture damage. Redwood and cedar need protection too, since much of the wood used in construction today is from younger, second growth trees which have a higher sapwood content and are less resistant to biological enemies. For the best results, mill glaze should also be removed from new wood.

"I was very skeptical about having my deck cleaned due to the years of neglect. My deck looked very dirty and I did not think it could be restored. Caballero Power washing Contractors assured me that a little some power washing and staining would restore the look of my deck. After seeing the job they did, I realized that all it takes is maintenance every few years to keep a deck looking like new."

Mr. Dunne - Annandale, VA

"Caballero Power washing Contractors was referred to me by my neighbors. I was interested in having my deck cleaned and stained properly, with special care given to the area built around the pool. CPC understood my concerns and were very careful in making sure the pool did not get dirty or filled with debris. While they were not the least expensive outfit in town, but they did a beautiful job! I will definitely call them again when the time comes!"

Mrs. Herbert - Oakton, VA

"I had my deck cleaned a couple of years ago and I did not have a good experience as the chemicals that were used killed my plants and grass. It was time to have my desk treated again, however I was concerned about having toxic chemicals around my children and pets as well as my garden. After speaking with Caballero Power washing Contractors they informed me that all of the products used during cleaning are bio-degradable. I felt very confident in doing business with them. My deck looks great and my wife’s garden is still alive!"

Mr. Storm - Alexandria, VA